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Ernesto Tapia

Senior Operations Manager

Ernesto Tapia, Senior Operations Manager for Cool Runnings International, is highly skilled at the design and execution of construction strategies. His drive, enthusiasm, and analytical talent ensure that all construction projects are completed on schedule and within budget. Ernesto’s passion for quality and prioritization is contagious, and as an effective leader he has the ability to unite the crew in repeatedly performing projects at the highest level while exceeding customer expectations. 

Ernesto holds a degree in Electro-Mechanical Technologies and is recognized by the EPA with a Universal Certification. He began his refrigeration career with a refrigeration equipment company, which eventually became Hillphoenix, where he worked in all areas of the refrigeration field. Ernesto is known for his ambition and leadership skills which have allowed him to quickly rise through the positions of Foreman, Project Manager and onto Field Operations Manager at Cool Runnings International. 

Having worked on a commercial fishing boat on the Bering Sea, Ernesto attributes that period of labor intensive work as the foundation which fostered his leadership skills, work ethics, and his preparedness for the hard work and demands of the construction industry. Ernesto manages and participates in the construction, installation, modification, maintenance and repairs of refrigeration systems.


While not working for CRI, Ernesto loves spending quality time with his family and enjoying life. 

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