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Cool Runnings International maintains refrigeration energy management through optimizing systems to hold temperatures and run efficiently. The Cool Runnings team focuses on key-performance indicators (KPIs) including the following:

  • Refrigeration System Power (kW)

  • System Load (TR)

  • Power versus Load (kW/TR)

  • Energy unit production (kWh/lb)

  • Energy per unit cold storage volume (kWK/cu ft)

While tuning the equipment and implementing operation strategies, the team efficiently and accurately interprets the data and system performance, tracks and benchmarks performance, and normalizes refrigeration energy in relation to variables that affect its use, such as ambient temperatures.

Cool Runnings International has the ability to employ the use of a remote system, making data reviews and monitoring capability real time. The Cool Runnings team provides energy efficiencies, awareness, and cost savings for our clients.

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