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Russell Moulton

U.S. Base Operations Manager

Russell Moulton, U.S. Base Operations Manager, is committed to providing well-timed, accurate support in advance of on-the-ground construction projects. His attention to detail and zeal for smooth operations breed success, both for Cool Runnings International,

and their customers.

Russell holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Louisiana Baptist University in Christian Communications, with an emphasis in Management. He owned a small construction business for 10 years, then joined a Disaster Relief/Emergency Services training program based in east Texas known as the Air Land Emergency Resource Team.


His 20 years of service there included positions of Facilities Manager, Director of Operations, and Executive Administrative Officer, being directly involved in over 400 national and international disaster relief efforts and community service projects.

Though "work" is his constant hobby, family is a priority for Russell, who enjoys spending time with his wife, four grown children and grandchildren.

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